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How I Remodeled my Master Bath for Under $3000

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Well - cue the pandemic to really get my butt in gear to finally take on my master bathroom. It's been a long 4 years of living here and not having the skill, time and budget to really renovate the way I wanted to. I literally lived with a cracked toilet seat for 4 years... this isn't a joke. LOL

So, I simply said to myself.. just do one step at a time and if you royally screw it up you can always call in back up! (Shout out to the guys at Green State Builders, who I KNOW, would have saved my ass if I called crying). I originally wanted to keep this whole thing under $2500 to challenge myself, but as many of you know the multiple trips to Lowes, Home Depot, and the hardware store really started to add up! It came in at just shy of $3000... $2989.98 to be exact.

It took about 9 weeks, I started by spray painting the tub enclosure first. I used Rusteloum tub and tile spray. This makes a giant mess, creates tons of dust and is really really stinky. You have to wear respirator and have some ventilation.

I went from blah brown (the ceiling too) to this bright white and far more modern look.


I won't go on and on about this whole project, as many of you supported me on Instagram and watched as I tackled this project. Lots of you asked where to find some of the bigger ticket items. Here is the list, what it cost and the links! Please note: Only the Amazon links are affiliate links.

Vanity | Home Depot | $780 | Buy Here

Vanity Light | Amazon (Brand WildSoul) | $150 | Buy Here

Flooring | Floor Pops | $180 (and I had 3 boxes left over!) | Buy Here

Faucet & Drain | Home Depot (Brand Venturi) | $160 | Buy Here

Toilet | Home Depot (Brand Kohler) | $170 | Buy Here

Shower Head & Extender (Brand Glacier Bay) | ~$100 (with trim parts) Buy Shower Head, Buy Extender

Shower Curtain, Rod & Liner | Amazon | $82 | Buy Here

Mirror above Shower (All Modern) | $97 - on sale right now for $86! | Buy Here

Towel Rack | Home Depot | ~$90

What you need all in 3/8" diameter:

(4) Floor Flanges - Buy Here

(4) Right Elbows - (in store only)

(2) 36" Pipes Buy Here

(4) 6" Pipes

(16) Black Screws

Premade Shiplap | Lowes | Cost Depending on Space ~$9/piece | Buy Here

Paint Colors | The white is "oxford white" from Sherwin Williams and the Black wall is Benjamin Moore Black 2310-10

Floating Shelves | Etsy | $56 | Buy Here

Peacock Handle | Etsy | $40 | Buy Here

All other items like misc. plumbing supplies, electrical, floor molding, radiator cover, tools (rotozip, reciprocating saw, small tools) all brought the total to right under $3000! I won't outline them as these will vary for your project needs. And don't forget your time! By doing this ALL myself I literally saved thousands of dollars and increased the value of my home. ;)

Here's more delightful and satisfying before and after shots and video recap!!

Also a quick video recap of each part of this process - lots of sweat and elbow grease went into this!

Happy DIY project adventures to you and yours! Totally send me a note with questions or to ask about lessons learned, I would love to hear from you.


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