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My Favorite New Host AirBnB Resources

So much of being prepared as a new host is the research! Here are some of the resources I love for new hosts. Getting started can be overwhelming so I curated just 5 articles that you should take a look at before you start your STR adventure.

Make a Hosting Business Plan

Article Highlights:

  • Create a mission statement to get started

  • Check out local listings for inspiration

  • Make a budget to stay on track with your hosting goals

  • Have a friend stay over to give feedback before your first guest arrives

  • Explore technology, like apps and smart locks, to help you host

AirBnB Answers: Tips for Getting More Bookings

Article Highlights:

We’ve found that pro photography can help your listing stand out and perform better than it otherwise might. Specifically, you can expect:

  • 16% higher probability of being booked

  • 39% higher total reservation amount (which means that guests tend to book longer stays)

  • 28% more nights booked

  • 26% higher average price per night

How to Craft Your Story

Article Highlights:

  • Finding, crafting, and sharing your story is a way to connect with guests

  • Think about experiences in your home or area that guests can’t get anywhere else

  • Cultivate a social media presence for your home

  • Treat every obstacle as an opportunity to learn and grow

  • Discover more in our complete guide to taking your hosting to the next level

How You Get Paid for Hosting

Article Highlights:

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