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Pricing Automation Tools for your Short Term Rental

Not sure where to start when it comes to pricing your STR? There are many great tools to automate your pricing strategy and leverage data to help you stay abreast of market price trends. Here's a great list of the top tools available for hosts today. Connecting both your VRBO and AirBnB calendars to dynamically update pricing has never been easier.


The reviews are stellar for Wheelhouse. I personally know hosts using this platform to manage their multiple listings and they swear by it. It's especially great for a large STR portfolio that you don't want to manually adjust the rates weekly to stay abreast of market trends. Read the reviews.


If you are looking for data, theses guys have it. Over 10 million properties in 120,000 international markets driving data from individual hosts, channel managers, pricing automation tools and straight from AirBnB and VRBO. Get nerdy with it.

Host Tools

This looks to be the dream messaging tool! Everything from guest messaging to cleaning coordination. On top of those features of course there is pricing automation, this looks to be the ultimate one stop shop. Check out the features.


Looks like the go-to for large property management portfolios and primarily focused on pricing strategy alone. Has good integration capabilities also extending beyond VRBO and AirBnB, but includes and TripAdvisor. See what they are up to.

Compare the Tools:

Every platform totes the idea of getting you the highest rate possible and keeps you from leaving any money on the table. Host Tools actually has a great breakdown in their blog about the varying platforms. They breakdown side by side the comparison for the top tools on the market. Everything from cost of using the tool to features and integrations.

Read their comparison chart.

Most of the platforms offer a free trial period or a free portion of their platform. Worth checking out!

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