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So it happened, the dreaded 4-Star Review...

Now what, your perfect streak is over and you had an unhappy guest. What to do now?

Well really there are not many things that you could do at this point but persevere! For nearly 85 reviews I had 5 stars for EVERY visit. Just recently, and to my big surprise... it happened. A guest left me 4 stars on cleanliness because a vent had some dust. Yep, 4 stars for a bathroom vent dust bunny situation. She also mentioned that the key lock was a bit sticky. The very next day I went and scrubbed that darn vent like a maniac and made sure to get the lock fixed. She gave me a really nice personal note and a good review but left 4s. Sigh...

As hosts, we know how impactful 4 starts can be on your listing, on the AirBnB algorithm, and on our confidence! So for me, it has to be pretty egregious to make me leave a 4, but we all don't think the same! I really do welcome the feedback because now I'll check that vent every time I am there and now the key won't break in the lock in the bitter winter months. :)

So in writing this blog I wanted to point everyone to some great resources about reviews and how to get more 5 star reviews consistently. Here are the highlights from that AirBnB resource page:

Resource Highlights:

  • Reviews are an important driver of business for Hosts, and the foundation of Airbnb’s trusted community

  • Don’t wait for the review—stay in touch with guests and ask for feedback early so you can resolve any issues

  • View less-than-perfect reviews as opportunities to improve your listing or hosting style

  • Set guests’ expectations before they book

  • Communicate with guests quickly and clearly

  • Keep your space clean, comfortable, and clutter-free

  • Add local touches where you can, from artwork to bath products

  • Give guests the experience you’d like to have if you were staying in the space

LMHL additions to the list:

  • Leave hand written notes if possible, it gives a personal touch and connects with the guest. If you use a property management company you could pre-write some notes with no guest names, but that you get to sign and welcome them personally

  • Ensure that you extra paper goods like toilet paper, paper towels stocked, running out of goods can be frustrating for guests

  • Stock dry goods (spices, cooking supplies, to-go cups for coffee) -- Covid19 has changed a lot of how people are traveling and they are doing take-out or cooking in more these days

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